Deportation Hearings are administrative proceedings to determine an individual's removability under United States immigration law. Removal proceedings are typically conducted in Immigration Court by an immigration judge.  Suzan Gabbara will assist you in preparing for the hearing, complete the necessary application and paperwork, and petition for cancellation of removal or asylum if applicable in your case.   She will work with your family to complete all the necessary information on your behalf if you are subject to mandatory detention while your case is decided.  She will visit you in detention.  If you are not subject to mandatory detention, she will seek to secure your release from custody.

Suzan Gabbara is fluent in Aramaic and Arabic, as well as English, and can understand German.  She is admitted to practice before the immigration court anywhere in the United States.  For more information about Ms. Gabbara, please see her bio. Contact Suzan Gabbara.



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