Early representation in any criminal investigation (1) prevents you from being interrogated by law enforcement, consistent with your Fifth Amendment Rights and (2) allows you to have a representative that, where appropriate, can provide information to law enforcement that is helpful to you and may prevent charges or result in lesser charges filed.  Early representation also may avoid your arrest and temporary detention in a jail, and may assist you in securing a lower bond to allow your release.  Mr. Eaman’s representation early in a criminal investigation has often resulted in no criminal charges for many of his clients.  Ms. Gabbara has also been successful in securing the favorable resolution of cases, including dismissal of all charges, when she has undertaken the representation of our clients from the beginning of the case.  In other cases, both Mr. Eaman and Ms. Gabbara have negotiated with prosecutors to work out an agreement that minimizes the client’s criminal exposure, often resulting in no jail sentence where it is impossible to avoid criminal charges.  Representation at the investigative stage is provided, for example, in:
  • Federal grand jury investigations
  • FBI investigations
  • State police or local police investigations
  • Attorney General Investigations



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