Anyone who has looked online for a hotel or restaurant, and reviewed the ratings, knows that ratings can often be conflicting and misleading. The trend today is to rely heavily on ratings, where ratings can be bought and manipulated. This phenomenon of ratings being bought and manipulated is active in the field of rating attorneys.

Mr. Eaman has the highest ratings from two organizations where the rating cannot be manipulated or bought: The rating as a Super Lawyer and the rating as “AV Preeminent” from Martindale Hubbell.

Many of our clients are not anxious to share their experiences in the criminal justice system, or immigration system, with anyone, as they are embarrassed at having been caught up in the system. Nonetheless, we have begun collecting feedback from some clients, and accordingly, provide that feedback; all client communications quoted here are kept on file at our office:

"From the moment we called you, you exemplified the utmost compassion, expertise, professionalism, and outstanding service. You are not only a true credit to your profession but a wonderfully kind human being as well. Thank you for all you’ve done to help us in a very challenging situation, and for all you do every day to make this a more ‘beautiful world’ for us all."
~ G.M. & S.M.

”To my amazement, I received immediate attention with a lengthy phone consult with Mr. Eaman, as he answered his line on the first call. His assurances were comforting, his analysis of the situation clear, and his follow up with us was also immediate. The court arraignment date was set to happen in a few weeks. It conflicted with his schedule, but he was confident his assistant could handle the case. As time drew near the court date, Frank's assistant, Suzan Gabbara, relentlessly worked our case with the city attorney to reduce the charge. With us being 200 miles away, all of our interaction with Frank and Suzan occurred through phone calls and emails, and resulted in only a minor civil infraction and fine! This all couldn't have worked out better. With Suzan's expert help, our son’s record and reputation is not compromised, and the nightmare is over. I highly recommend the Frank Eaman law firm. While I know they handle much more complicated criminal matters, they tackled ours with the unparalleled competence, integrity, and professionalism, with which I felt was due our son for this unfortunate mistake. Heartfelt thanks to you both from all of us!”
~ J.B. & C.A.

Thank you for the best representation that a defendant could ever ask for...I felt safe and as if I had a fair shake when it comes to this judicial system . . .Suzan Gabbara is the absolute best . . . She provides A1 service.
~ B.W.




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