In state court, charges are usually initiated by an arrest or a complaint.  There usually is no grand jury investigation or indictment, but only a complaint.  However, in state court, there is a right to a preliminary hearing, where the prosecution has to call witnesses to establish the basis for the charges filed in the complaint.  The preliminary hearing is an important phase of the criminal case, where you and your attorney can challenge the basis for the charges, see the evidence the prosecution wishes to use against you, and cross examine witnesses against you.

In Michigan, the state courts are organized by county.  Each county has a circuit court that is the court that has jurisdiction over felony cases, and a district court that has jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases.  Some smaller counties share one court with another county.  Mr. Eaman and Ms. Gabbara have appeared in many of Michigan’s circuit and district courts, especially in the Detroit metropolitan area, which includes Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw Counties.  Where Mr. Eaman has appeared outside the Detroit metropolitan area, he often links with a local attorney who can assist him in navigating the court system.  Because of his long practice experience, his experience teaching lawyers throughout the state, and his service as president of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, Mr. Eaman knows most of the criminal defense lawyers throughout the state.

Early representation in a state court case is very important.  Frank D. Eaman, PLLC, has had experience in almost all state court charges.  A sample of the types of cases where the firm has represented clients includes the following:

  • Homicide charges
  • Criminal sexual conduct (Rape, child sexual abuse, underage sex)
  • Armed Robbery
  • Drug law violations
  • Internet pornography cases
  • Computer crimes
  • Carjacking



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