Mr. Eaman and Ms. Gabbara have worked together defending fraud allegations in federal court in a trade secret case, a mail fraud case, and two health care fraud cases.  Mr. Eaman has also represented clients in health care fraud cases and other fraud cases.

It takes a special expertise to defend clients in these types of “White Collar” criminal cases, as the documents that need to be reviewed often are in the thousands of pages, and computer drives need to be forensically investigated.  Jurors are also often unforgiving of individuals involved in a fraudulent business, and it is difficult to set your client apart from the others who have worked at a business place that may have been engaged in fraud.  Sometimes, where the fraud is not apparent, or is isolated and limited to one or two individuals, Frank D. Eaman, PLLC, has been successful in avoiding criminal charges altogether, or securing a resolution where the business, itself, takes responsibility, thereby avoiding any individual felony record and avoiding any jail or prison time.  If there is a conviction, the determination of the sentencing guidelines that control the clients’ sentence is a difficult task requiring knowledge and expertise about the sentencing guidelines.  Both Mr. Eaman and Ms. Gabbara have engaged in the legal research and preparation concerning the sentencing guidelines applicable in fraud cases.



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