Personal Injury and malpractice

Personal Injury cases and Malpractice cases, both legal and  medical  malpractice, are legal areas that Frank D. Eaman and Suzan Gabbara are   familiar with.  We will interview you,  obtain medical or legal records,  and assess your case, in conjunction with  specialists in these areas  that consult with us.  

Mr. Eaman has had much experience in   representing clients in personal injury cases and malpractice cases,  taking  cases to trial, winning them at trial, and settling cases  successfully.  We will make sure your rights are protected,  and that  you take legal action, where justified, within any limitations period   (you have a limited time to pursue personal injury or malpractice  claims).  Please contact us and we will give you an  immediate opinion  on how much time you have to pursue your claim, and then  interview you  and obtain the records and the information necessary to properly   evaluate your case.  We do not charge a  fee for the time spent in  evaluating your personal injury or malpractice case.