Parental Termination Complaints


In cases where there are allegations of severe abuse and neglect of  your children, a court action may be started by Protective Services to  terminate your rights as a parent.  If the court action is successful,  you can lose all rights to raise your children and participate in their  lives.  Even if there are charges against your spouse, the court can  seek to terminate your rights as long as you are married to your spouse.   Your children can be placed into foster care, and/or adopted.

A parental termination case is a very serious case and  requires knowledge and experience to make sure that your rights as a  parent are not terminated.  Frank Eaman at Frank D. Eaman, PLLC, has had  experience in defending parents, and success in preventing termination  of parental rights.  We will fight for your parental rights.

We also are capable of defending the parent in any underlying abuse and neglect criminal case.