Trial Preparation for attorneys

 Mr. Eaman, because of his experience preparing for many difficult  trials, and based on his experience teaching lawyers and students how to  try cases, will consult with any attorney who needs to prepare for  trial and work for several hours to analyze the issues in the case and  to prepare a defense for trial.  Ms. Gabbara can also assist in this  trial preparation in providing assistance and feedback to the attorney  preparing for trial.  Sometimes the attorney preparing for trial has a  “light bulb” moment where the trial is viewed in a way that will lead to  a winning verdict.  Sometimes the trial preparation will lead to the  conclusion that the trial is difficult, or impossible, to win.  However,  either way, the trial preparation session is always beneficial and  worth the modest cost.  To Mr. Eaman and Ms. Gabbara, there is no such  thing as a hopeless case.