Business Law


Suzan Gabbara, with her many years  of experience running a business  entity, and her business degree from Walsh  College, is prepared to  assist our clients in business law issues.  She has assisted clients in  the successful  resolution of business law questions.

Entity Formation: We can assist you in forming an entity by filing  the proper paperwork with the state.  

Licensing: Our firm can assist you or  your business in applying for  licenses including: liquor and lottery  licenses, transferring or renewing an  existing license, or appealing  the denial of a license.  

Contracts:  Our firm can  assist you in  strategic planning, drafting,  reviewing, or negating contracts as well  as resolving existing or potential contractual  disputes.  

Bankruptcy:  The  decision to file for  bankruptcy requires great evaluation and  consideration.  Our firm will  assist you  in making the right decision when it comes to filing for  bankruptcy.   We will evaluate your financial status to  determine what  chapter for bankruptcy you must file under – there are different  kinds  of bankruptcy.  We will guide you  through the entire process, complete  all the necessary paper work that needs to  be filed with the court, and  we will represent you in all court appearances to  ensure your  interests and rights are protected.