Our Criminal Defense Services


Frank D. Eaman, PLLC, provides representation to individuals,  corporations, and other businesses that face criminal liability.   Representation is provided in almost every type of criminal  investigation or charge.  Both Mr. Eaman and Ms. Gabbara provide  representation in criminal cases, felony and misdemeanors, in state and  federal court.

Mr. Eaman has tried many long, complex, and  high-publicity jury trials both in state and federal courts – trials of  four months, three months, six weeks, and many trials of lesser  duration.  Ms. Gabbara has assisted Mr. Eaman in many complex state and  federal criminal cases, and directly assisted in several trials.  Both  Mr. Eaman and Ms. Gabbara have engaged in plea-bargaining, when  appropriate, to obtain advantageous outcomes for their clients.

Mr. Eaman and Ms. Gabbara not only try cases for their  clients, they file appeals if the client is convicted, and also appeal  cases where clients were represented by other lawyers at trial.  Since  Mr. Eaman has testified as an expert for other attorneys in cases where  clients were provided with ineffective assistance of counsel, he has  often spotted the mistakes of other lawyers at trial and raised claims  of ineffective assistance of counsel on appeal.  Ms. Gabbara has  assisted in the preparation of an appeal brief in a recent case that  resulted in a winning decision in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.   (See United States v. Qin, in Mr. Eaman’s resume)   Mr. Eaman has been writing appeals briefs since he was in law school  and has argued countless times before the Michigan Court of Appeals, the  Michigan Supreme Court, and United States Court of Appeals in the Sixth  Circuit.  He also represented a client in the Second Circuit, in New  York.

Frank D. Eaman PLLC also files petitions for habeas  corpus in federal court, challenging both state and federal convictions.   The rules governing the filing of habeas corpus petitions are very  complex, but Mr. Eaman is familiar with the rules.  You have a short  time period to file a petition for habeas corpus, and if you think you  or a loved one needs to file a petition for habeas corpus, contact Frank  D. Eaman PLLC as soon as possible.

Mr. Eaman also provides services to attorneys in  assisting them in trial preparation for criminal cases, especially where  the charges are criminal sexual conduct.  For information on these  services, please see Trial Preparation for Attorneys

Please remember, in every case, state or federal, trial or  appeal, or habeas corpus, it is an advantage for you to obtain   competent legal representation as early as possible.  The earlier we are  involved in your case, the more likely we can provide valuable  assistance to obtain the result you want.