M. Suzan Profile


 Suzan Gabbara first joined Frank D. Eaman, PLLC, in January  of 2012 as  an intern while she was a law student at Cooley Law School in Auburn   Hills.  She distinguished herself at  Cooley, graduating Cum Laude in  May of 2012.   After graduation from law school, she continued working  at the firm as a  law clerk, and then joined Frank D. Eaman, PLLC, as an  attorney in November of  2012 when she passed the Michigan Bar exam.   

Ms. Gabbara has assisted Mr. Eaman on several, complicated,  lengthy  criminal trials both in federal court and state court – helping to plan   strategy and witness examinations, and organizing voluminous discovery   materials.  She continues to assist with criminal cases, and handles  the firm’s misdemeanor cases.

Since joining Frank D. Eaman, PLLC, as an attorney, Ms.  Gabbara has added her own different practice areas to the firm,  including immigration law, family law, and business law.  She speaks  four languages – English, German,  Arabic, and Aramaic.

Mr. Eaman says about Ms. Gabbara: “Seldom has a student  come  to work for me who has shown the exceptional ability,  intelligence, talent, and  promise that Ms. Gabbara brings to our firm.    I am very happy that she has decided to stay with us.  No doubt she  will continue to be greatly  appreciated by our clients for the hard  work she brings to every case, and the  personal touch she brings to  representing our clients.”


For more information about Ms. Gabbara,  See Resume